Parent Volunteers

It's easy to join the Pikeville Elementary team of professionals, paraprofessionals, family and community volunteers who proudly provide education services to over 600 students at Pikeville Elementary School. 

We are proud of the positive impact a host of talented and devoted volunteers make to our school.

Volunteers are an integral component in the community and parent involvement in the schools.  Volunteers are our BEST public relations agents.

Family Resource Center Coordinator/ Title I Parent Liaison
Amanda Hartsock
105 Bailey Blvd.
Pikeville, KY 41501
P. (606) 432-4196
F. (606) 432-1234

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The goal of the Pikeville Elementary School Volunteer Program is to enable citizens from the community to assist administrators, teachers and other school personal in helping young people more fully develop their skills and potential. 

Trained ,supervised volunteers assist personnel in three ways.
  1. Helping students achieve proficiency through activities which enhance their self-concept, provide successful experiences in learning and motivate them to learn.
  2. Helping teachers by enabling them to provide effective reinforcement activities, enrich the curriculum and perform other tasks.
  3. Strengthen school-community relations by increasing opportunity for communication, learning ,more about school programs and sharing time and talent with the school.

Guidelines for Volunteers


  1. Supervision-Volunteers always work under the direct supervision of the professional, administrative and teaching staff at the school and only with those teachers who have requested services of the volunteer.
  2. Confidentiality-  As you work with staff and students, information of a confidential matter may be shared with you.  The problems abilities , relationships and confidence of students, parents and staff should never be discussed with anyone who does not have a professional right to know.
  3. School Rules- Due to the site based decision making process, there are different rules and policies in place at each school.  You are expected to know and follow the policies and procedures at Pikeville Elementary and Pikeville High School as well as the school procedures for safety drills and emergency situations that might arise.
  4. Please Avoid- the staff at the school is responsible for everything that goes on in the school building. volunteers supplement and support the system.  Volunteers DO NOT : discipline students, have access to materials in students permanent records, evaluate achievement or council students on any matter.
  5. Sign In-  Each volunteer must sign in and out for security reasons ans for record keeping purposes. 
  6. Records Check- Each volunteer shall, at district expense, go through a criminal background check and be fingerprinted and must also agree to random voluntary drug testing.