Board Of Education

Ashley Brown
Title: Board Member

Board Member Ashley BrownAs a product and graduate of the Pikeville Independent School system, I carry with me a true love of the name.  For me,"Pikeville" brings with it a history steeped in tradition, integrity, and excellence both academically and athletically.  It was where my mother graduated from, and where she and my father would later pay tuition to send me and  my brothers (Nathan Elswick and Eric Elswick) to school.  Pikeville is also where my husband (Dr. Jody Brown) attended and graduated from.

Upon completion of his medical training in Texas, my husband and I made the decision to raise our four kids (Nathan, Elizabeth, Caroline, and Hailey) in the very place we were raised.  We were reminded of the individualized attention that came from our hometown of Pikeville.  The school system's teachers, coaches and administrators provided such a steady foundation that we wanted the same for our own kids.  To us...Pikeville was home, and it's ultimately where we wanted our children to call home.
One of the most important things I hoped my kids would gain by living in Pikeville is that sense of how who they are and who they would become mattered.  For that same reason, I later began my endeavor to become a Pikeville Independent School Board member.  I want every child in our school system to know that who they are matters...that who they will become matters.        

Now serving as a school board member, I am encouraged by the opportunity to earn the trust and respect of our teachers, parents, students, and staff.  May God's glory shine in all the work we do and may our children know that they are eternally loved.  Many thanks to this community--never forgetting... We are PIKEVILLE!

Background Information:

I attended Morehead State University, the University of Pikeville, and took summer classes through Prestonsburg Community College.  Interested in becoming a physician assistant, I completed all prerequisites for PA school. It was after having my first child, that I chose to stay home and I feel so blessed to have been given that option.  I'm a member of New Beginnings Fellowship Church in Pikeville and carry my faith into all that I do.  And now, as a member of the Pikeville Independent School board, I look forward to pursuing what could be...because I believe that Pikeville Independent's greatest days are just ahead.