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PHS Alumni Playing in College


Devin Gayheart, 2017, University of Pikeville

Ethan Francis, 2017, University of Pikeville

Kolby Ratliff, 2017, University of Pikeville

Kyle Martin, 2017, University of Pikeville

Tori Gayheart, 2018, University of Pikeville

Rachel Ratliff, 2018, University of Pikeville

Mason Hess, 2018, University of Pikeville



John Venters, 1982, Georgetown College

Andrew Joyce, 1982, Elon College

Terry Wright, 1982, University of Pikeville

Matthew Coleman, 1985, University of Kentucky

Eddie Runyon, 1985, Gallaudet University

Shane Hall, 1990, Georgetown College

Chris Lawson, 1990, Milligan College

Jess Baird, 1991, Marietta College

JP Blair, 1993, Morehead State University

Josh Barone, 1996, Northern Kentucky University

Adam Hall, 1996, King College & University of Pikeville

Noah Batten, 1999, Noah Batten

Tyler Johnson, 2000, University of Pikeville

Matt Walls, 2000, University of Pikeville

Josh Adams, 2005, University of Pikeville

Chase Huffman, 2006, Morehead State University & University of Pikeville

McKenzie Carter, 2007, Asbury University

Sam Burton, 2011, Walters State & Winston-Salem State University

Clark Keene, 2011, Morehead State University

Taylor Ratliff, 2011, Columbia State Community College

Gavin Miller, 2012, Berea College

Jacob Hamilton, 2014, University of Kentucky & University of Pikeville

Kevin Justice, 2018, University of Pikeville


Boys Basketball

Forrest G. Wiggins, 1940, Georgetown College

Buddy Johnson, 1948, University of North Carolina

Morris "Coon" Stratton, 1950, Pikeville College

Dickie Prater, 1951, University of Kentucky, New York Knicks

Woodrow Preston, 1951, University of South Carolina

Bobby McCoy, 1953, University of South Carolina

John Lee Butcher, 1954, University of Kentucky

Tommy Adkins, 1957, University of Alabama

Howard Lockhart, 1957, University of Pittsburgh

Darwin Smith, 1958, University of Pittsburgh

William Booth, 1959, University of Tennessee

Donald Ratliff, 1960, Kentucky Wesleyan

Mark Myers, 1974, Pikeville College

Johnny Hale, 1990, Pikeville College

Jess Baird, 1991, Marietta College

Lee Jones, 1991, UVA-Wise

Murray Garvin, 1992, Eastern Kentucky University

Chad Anderson, 1999, Ogelthorpe University

John Mims, 1999, Pikeville College

Matt Clevenger, 2010, Transylvania University

Ethan Rowe, 2013, Transylvania University

Ray Kasongo, 2013, University of Tennessee

Blaine May, 2016, Asbury University

Wyatt Battaile, 2018, University of Louisville & Kentucky Wesleyan College


Girls Basketball

Libby Lockhart White, 1979, Pikeville College

Marsha Charles, 1980, Eastern Kentucky University

Teresa Ray, 1980, Pikeville College

Karissa J. Carter-Porter, 1985, Pikeville College

Sandy Ford, 1993, Lindsey Wilson College

Rachel Potter, 2014, University of Kentucky

Grace Bartley, 2019, Georgetown College

Leslie Stewart, 2019, Centre College

Kirsten Cole-Williamson, 2020, Alice Lloyd College



Anna Lou Allen, Shurtleff, 1960, Pikeville College

Stephanie Cline, 2002, University of Louisville

Kandice Hamilton, 2002 , Morehead State University

Taylor Stone, 2009, University of Pikeville

Cassidy Coleman, 2014, Morehead State University

Jasmine Wilson, 2014, Morehead State University

Cailee Marcum, 2015, University of Pikeville

Catie Rowe, 2017, Eastern Kentucky University

Christen Ousley, 2017, Eastern Kentucky University

Sydney May, 2017, Asbury University

Alexis Stanley, 2018, Eastern Kentucky University

Karson Bailey, 2019, Eastern Kentucky University

Savannah Crider, 2019, Eastern Kentucky University

Emily Hager, 2019, Eastern Kentucky University

Hannah Potter, 2019, Eastern Kentucky University


Cross Country

Matt Sykes, 2005, University of Kentucky

Erica Newsome, 2008, University of Pikeville

Kylie Schmidt, 2008, University of Pikeville

Harrison Booher, 2020, Georgetown College



Brooklyn Case, 2017, University of Pikeville

Sylvia Justice, 2017, Eastern Kentucky University

Alannah Little, 2017, University of Pikeville

Kerrigan McPeek, 2017, University of Pikeville

Lily Case, 2019, University of Pikeville



Frank Pruitt, 1934, Morehead State University

Charles W. "Dutch" Ishmael, 1936, University of Kentucky

Buster Norris, 1938, Morehead State University

George Wiggins, Jr., 1939, Morehead State University

Eugene "Lard" Anderson, 1940, University of Kentucky

Forrest G. Wiggins, 1940, Georgetown College

Thomas Bruce Elliott, 1942, Centre College

Charles Paul Prater, 1951, University of Kentucky

Clark Ray Ratcliff, 1951, University of Kentucky

Robert Hooker Phillips, 1952, University of Kentucky

William Wheeler, 1952, University of Kentucky

Robert Dean Branham, 1954, University of Kentucky

John Lee Butcher, 1954, University of Kentucky

Bill Scott, 1955, University of Kentucky

Billy Hugh Hutchinson, 1956, Morehead State University

Bobby Venters, 1961, Marshall University

Jim Childers, 1964, Morehead State University

John Pinson, 1964, Western Kentucky University

Danny R. Canada, 1970, Marshall University

Raymond Haley III, 1973, University of Kentucky

Charles L. Huffman III, 1973, University of Nebraska

Bob Shurtleff, Jr., 1980, University of Kentucky

Mark Littrell, 1981, Vanderbilt University

John Venters, 1982, Georgetown College

Chris McNamee, 1988, Eastern Kentucky University

Greg Hackney, 1989, Eastern Kentucky University

Sean Neeley, 1989, Morehead State University

Mickey Todd Webster, 1990, University of Kentucky

DeAnthony Honaker, 1992, University of Kentucky

Jeremy "Goon" Anderson, 1997, Eastern Kentucky University

Doug Powers, 1997, Marshall University

Ben Howard, 1999, Georgetown College

Jeremiah Akers, 2000, Georgetown College

Jason "Gravy" Anderson, 2000, University of Pikeville

Matt Branham, 2001, University of Pikeville

Chase Gibson, 2001, Marshall University

Don Paul Branham, 2002, University of Pikeville

Barrett Rogers, 2002, Appalachian State University & University of Pikeville

Paul Sullivan, 2003, University of Pikeville

Robert Shurtleff, 2005, Georgetown College

Josh Sullivan, 2005, University of Pikeville

Tim Champlin, 2006, UVA-Wise

Clay Elliot, 2007, Georgetown College

Jordan Johnson, 2008, Eastern Kentucky University

Daniel Harmon, 2009, Georgetown College

Ben Staggs, 2011, University of the Cumberlands

Randy Maynard, 2012, University of the Cumberlands

Zack Burgy-Vanhoose, 2012, Eastern Kentucky University

Chase Hall, 2014, University of Pikeville

Cody Estep, 2015, Centre College

Daric Pugh, 2016, Georgetown College

A.J. Vanderbeck, 2016, Georgetown College

Blake Charles, 2016, Georgetown College

Clay Slone, 2017, Georgetown College

Christian Billiter, 2019, Centre College

Bradyn "Bull" Hunter, 2019, Marshall University & University of Pikeville

Connor Roberts, 2019, Centre College

Kyle Watkins, 2019, University of Pikeville

Jackson Hensley, 2020, Wake Forest University

Seth Pugh, 2020, University of Louisville

Clay Tinsley, 2020, Eastern Kentucky University & Centre College



Lyle Blackburn, 1977, Pikeville College

Grover Justice, 1993, University of Kentucky

Jordan Bell, 2008, Georgetown College

Casey Castle, 2009, University of Pikeville

Jordan "J.P." Newsome, 2009, Charleston Southern

Casey Castle, 2009, University of Pikeville

Don Combs, 2009, Transylvania University

Will Branham, 2012, Morehead State University

Will Boyd, 2012, University of Pikeville

Noah Combs, 2014, Eastern Kentucky University



Amanda Hartsock, 2004, Campbellsville University

Brian Elkins, 2005, Kentucky Christian University

Luke Wheat, 2015, Maryville College

Hunter Heffington, 2015, Freed-Hardeman University

Keegan Williams, 2016, Union College



Karissa J. Carter-Porter, 1985, Pikeville College

Ricki Maynard, 2008, University of Pikeville

Heather Maynard, 2012, University of Pikeville



Lee Smith, 1975, Pikeville College

Brennan Alderman, 2011, University of Pikeville

Cailee Marcum, 2015, University of Pikeville

L.J. Allara, 2015, Bellarmine University


Track & Field

Derek Sword, 2004, Georgetown College

John Michael Mayo, 2007, Georgetown College

Jacob Sword, 2007, Georgetown College

Erica Newsome, 2008, University of Pikeville

Emma Looney, 2015, Lindsey Wilson

Harrison Booher, 2020, Georgetown College



Alexxa Gearheart, 2015, Georgetown College

Lindsey McNamee, 2018, Eastern Kentucky University

Savannah Jarrell, 2019, Midway University