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Hall of Fame

We are currently accepting nominations for the class of 2019.  Deadline is April 1st, 2019.  The nomination form is available at the PHS Hall of Fame website at http://phshof.weebly.com/online-nomination-form.html



Class of 1987

William J. Baird III

John Lee Butcher

William Carter Hambley Jr.

Cassius B. "Cack" Hatcher

Albert Howard Lockhart

Tybee William Oliver

Dickie Prater

Jim Ramsey

Neal Smith

John Bill Trivette

Class of 1988

Charles L. Huffman III

Charles W. Ishmael

Mark R. Myers

Robert "Hooker" Phillips

Bill Scott

Robert W. Tarbeck

William G. Wheeler

Class of 1989

Carl P. Mims

Richard Weems

Thomas J. Bales

Jeannette  Reynolds Elder

Woodrow Preston

Raymond C. Haley III

Larry Phillips

Class of 1990

Ralph R. Gilliam

H.L. Justice

Everett Justice

Dr. David Mulliken

Jimmy Newsom

Teresa Ray

Bob Shurtleff, Jr.

Ronnie "Junior" Williamson

Class of 1991

William R. Booth

Lacy Carter

Charles "Smiley" Damron

C.E. "Buster" Norris

Clayton E. Power

Class of 1992

Jim Childers

John Pinson

Darwin Smith

Class of 1993

Charles Huffman, Jr. 

Morris "Coon" Stratton

Ken Trivette

Class of 1994

Buddy Johnson

Bobby Venters

Class of 1995

Eugene Lard Anderson

Marsha Charles

Marley Newsom

Charles Paul Prater

Class of 1996

Tommy Adkins

Robert Dean Branham

Bruce Elliott

George Wiggins

Class of 1997

Matt Coleman

Gene Davis

Ed Elder

Ralph Feltner

Bobby McCoy

Charles Mims

Grant "Hooker" Phillips

Donna Ratliff

Scott Smith

Dickie VanHoose

Class of 1998

Don Batten

Kevin McAnallen

Chris McNamee

Clark Ray Ratcliff

Bill Staggs

John Venters

Don Jack Whitt

Forrest Wiggins

Robbie Wright

Class of 1999

Chris Chrisman

Frosty Davis

Frank Dawahare, Jr.

Anna Lou Shurtleff

Bruce G. Walters

Andy Woofter 

Class of 2000

Bill Allara

Greg Hackney

Tim Honaker

Billy Hugh Hutchinson

Mark Littrell

Class of 2001

Donnie Elkins

Robert "Poker" Elliott

Johnny Hale

Ronnie Honaker

Karissa Carter Porter

Don Ratliff

Jeff Roop

Class of 2002

Steve Bailey

Murray Garvin

DeAnthony Honaker

Jason Howard

Wayne Martin

Clem Sowards

Class of 2003

Sandy Ford

Hillard Howard

Sean Neeley

Chris Slater

Class of 2004

Jerry Anderson

Freddie Branham

Randy Jones

Frankie Justice

Frank Pruitt

Class of 2005

Danny Canada

Brent Coleman

Buddy Elkins

Mickey Webster

Class of 2006

Jess Baird

Tommy Dale Clark

Mike Ely

Class of 2007

James E. "Red" Carter

Grover Justice

Keith Lockhart

Kevin Lockhart

Ralph D. Wilson


No Inductees

Class of 2011

Joe Mahan 

Elizabeth "Libby" White


No Inductees

Class of 2014

Chase Gibson

Class of 2015

Jeremiah Akers

Mary Beth Beeler

J.P. Blair

Charity Burke

Stephanie Cline

Kenny Damron

Emil Dixon

Kandice Hamilton

John W. Hays

Robert Staggs

Jon Stratton

1957 KHSAA Final Four Boys Basketball Team

1979 KAPOS Cheerleading State Champion Team

1979 15th Region Champion Girls Basketball Team

1987 Class A State Football Championship Team

Class of 2016

Jill Kimberlain

Bobby "Snab" Phillips

Doug Powers

Lee Smith

Sunny Phillips Thacker

1955 Football Team

Class of 2017

Emily Colvin

Bill Doug Taylor

Jeannie Stone

Matt Sykes

Ashley Webb

Lisa Wheeler

1974 Boys Basketball Team

1997 Softball Team

Class of 2018

Don Paul Corbin

Natalie Gooch

Jamie McKenzie

John Mims

Dave Thomas

1988 Football Team

1991 Baseball Team


We are currently accepting nominations for the Class of 2019.  Deadline is April 1st, 2019.

Nomination Form is available at the PHS Hall of Fame website at