What is STLP?

STLP™ The Student Technology Leadership Program was established in 1994 by the STLP State Advisory Council. Student-designed projects, products and services are created to help the school and community. The program is open to ALL students in all grade levels in every school (P-16) in Kentucky.

The Mission of the Student Technology Leadership Program (STLP™) is to advance individual capabilities; to motivate all students; and to create leadership opportunities through the use of technology.


- Weekly -
STLP 2012-2013
Weekly Meetings on Tuesday 3:00pm-4:00pm
unless otherwise announced.

December 15th - DUE!
STLP Products for Winter Judging

March 28th
STLP State Championship
Rupp Arena, Lexington, KY
STLP™ Six Goals
Goal 1. The STLP will develop activities which enhance the academic, social and emotional growth of the student.

Student Technology Leaders (STLs) will participate in technology activities coordinated to core content.
STLs will work in teams/individually inside and outside the school.
STLs will interact with other students and adults to develop working partnerships.

Goal 2. The STLP will provide leadership opportunities for all students.
STLs rosters will reflect the diversity of school populations.
STLs will take responsibility for participating in leadership, training and activities.
STLs will experience career awareness/entrepreneurial opportunities.

Goal 3. The STLP will participate in multi-age collaboration by forming innovative learning partnerships.
Coordinators and STLs will develop activities which cross grade levels and geographic boundaries (K-16).

Goal 4. The STLP will form learning partnerships among students with different technology skills.
STLs will learn new technology skills.
STLs will share technology expertise with other students.

Goal 5. The STLP will develop activities which benefit communities.
Coordinators and STLs will form partnerships with business, industry, charitable, nonprofit and community agencies.

Goal 6. The STLP will develop instructional activities which integrate technology and benefit the school and support KETS (Kentucky Education Technology System).
Coordinators and STLs will initiate activities that benefit individual students and staff and support the school's consolidated plan.
Coordinators and STLs will assist with technology integration throughout the school.

STLP Outcomes
Student Technology Leaders (STLs) develop good technology, communication and teaming skills. STLP students model good digital citizenship.
Other members of the school and community are enabled to integrate and use technology in and out of the classroom as a result of training by STLs.
The technical support needed to maintain the technology in schools and districts is provided by many STLs.
Students who don't thrive in conventional classrooms often begin to flourish in an STLP environment.
Students with a limited set of skills learn to maximize those skills and to gain skills in other areas.
Students earn the respect of others in their school and community.
Students gain technology, communication, leadership and teaming skills; schools' technical needs are met; and communities benefit from the projects.
STLP leads the way in demonstrating skills in the Technology Kentucky Program of Studies; 21st Century Skills and ISTE National Educational Technology Standards (NETS).

STLP benefits all involved and empowers Kentucky students to be leaders in the school and community.