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Hall of Fame

Pikeville High School has a rich tradition of athletics and many individuals over the years have made extraordinary contributions and they have superb accomplishments.  The Pikeville High School Athletic Hall of Fame was established in 1987 to recognize and honor the contributions and accomplishments of these Athletes, Coaches and others who have contributed to Pikeville High School athletic success over its 100 year history.

The Pikeville High School Athletic Hall of Fame is accepting nominations for inductees in the following three categories:

  1. Athlete:  A former high school athlete whose accomplishments as a high school athlete were extraordinary.  An athlete shall have completed high school at least ten (10) years prior to being eligible for nomination.
  2. Coach:  A former coach whose accomplishments as a high school coach merit recognition, who has been inactive as a coach for a minimum of three (3) years.
  3. Contributor:  An individual who has made outstanding contributions to athletics in some capacity other than as an athlete or coach, these areas include but are not limited to, athletic administration, sports medicine, sports media, or other significant contribution to the athletic program.

All candidates shall be judged on their significant or long-term contributions to Pikeville High School athletics.  Nominees, in addition to being a great athlete, should exemplify the highest standards of sportsmanship, ethical conduct and moral character, then as well as today.  You can download the official nomination form that has been approved by Athletic Hall of Fame Committee at or you can complete the online nomination form at, incomplete nomination forms will not be accepted for consideration.  Nominations forms may also be picked up in the office at Pikeville High School.

All Nomination forms completed properly and received by April 1st will be considered for the next upcoming Hall of Fame Class, for example if a nomination form is received by April 1, 2023 then they will be considered for the 2023 class.  Any nomination form received after April 1st will be considered with the following school year class.

Any person who is properly nominated but not selected to be inducted into the Athletic Hall of Fame shall remain on the list of eligible nominees for up to five (5) years before having to be re-nominated.  To see the current list on nominee's or to see how long their nomination are good through, you can visit:

If you use the online nomination form but are mailing the supporting documents then the supporting documents must also be received by the April 1st deadline, or the nomination form would be considered incomplete.

Inductees into the Hall of Fame shall be selected by the Hall of Fame Committee from the available nominees.  An Induction Ceremony will be held to induct the current Class of Inductees and to honor all the past inductees of the Athlete Hall of Fame.  The Induction Ceremony may also include a 
banquet, luncheon or reception in honor of the Inductees.  To be inducted, the inductee must be present, if the inductee is deceased then they must be represented by a family member.  If a inductee is unable to attend then they will be inducted with the next Hall of Fame Class.

For more information you can contact Frosty Davis ( or Kristy Orem ( at 606-432-0185.